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Fun With Past Episode-57- Make A Podcast To Market My Way To A Better Life

Published on August 17, 2013 By Tony Teolis

It’s nice to be away from the cares of the regular day and I am having no regular day. Surrounded again by hula hoops, music and bikinis there’s really no other choice but to go for it when this kind of fun is within reach. Accompanied by my brother it is great to share the […]

Winter Storm Preparedness Checklist

Published on March 5, 2013 By Tony Teolis

Click photo for how to build an 800 Watt battery power supply. There’s a storm a comin this is the kind we cannot bug out for because home is our safest place. Heavy wet snow with the ability to down know down power lines and freeze the roads will last until 3:00 AM Thursday in the […]

Hurricane Sandy Preparation

Published on October 26, 2012 By Tony Teolis

Sandy has certainly made her intention to slam the area in which I live and there’s no hoping she’ll just away. At least I am abandoning hope and preparing for what I have experienced before. Hurricanes after hurricanes in Japan and even during the first Mt. Fuji rock festival. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuji_Rock_Festival Here in northern Virginia we have had […]

Episode-65- Bug Out Quickly And Safely With The Keeper Cargo Bag

Published on March 22, 2012 By Tony Teolis

This video is a follow up to Episode-14 in which I described a trip to the Shenandoah mountains revealed how some of our preparations were lacking in the event of a real emergency. Today’s video provides a demonstration of how to attach the Keeper Cargo Bag to the top of an SUV. Going to the woods made us realize […]

Episode-58- Light My Fire – Swedish Fire Steel – Product Review

Published on March 8, 2012 By Tony Teolis

PRODUCT REVIEW SERIES        Song of The Day –  Opened The Door Show notes Subscribe Music – Blue Devil Plain Videos Light My Fire – Swedish Fire Steel – Product Review Disclaimer Neither this site or its owner are in anyway providing anything other than personal stories of what was required to plan and […]

Episode-40- Improve Disaster Recovery Process With Home Document

Published on February 1, 2012 By Tony Teolis

Song of the Day – Modern English – I Melt With You – Video Show notes Subscribe Music – Blue Devil Plain Videos Improve Disaster Recovery Process With Home Document TheSurvivalPodcast.com – EPISODE-757- MARC HALLEE ON DEALING WITH A FIRE’S AFTERMATH  Survive the fire.com Survive The Fire Documentation Red Cross Preparedness Facts Be Red Cross Ready – […]

Keep Auto Windows Clean For Free And Check Supplies

Published on January 21, 2012 By Tony Teolis

                       Hi Folks, Winter weather is hitting northern Virginia pretty good this weekend and I wanted to share a trick from western PA. I’m not sure if that’s where it started but I was trained by my father to always put cardboard on the window […]

Episode-9- Get The Bug Out Bag Ready

Published on May 27, 2011 By Tony Teolis

I had to recently check my bug out bag at the urging of my son when some severe thunderstorms were blowing through the area. I do this 2 to 3 times a year and it takes a bit of effort but the timing was right and so I went along with his suggestion. I’m glad […]