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Episode-269- The Front Yard Food Forest

Published on March 15, 2015 By Tony Teolis

Front Yard Permaculture Its been 3 Years since I tried to grow in the front yard. For more on that visit Episode-55- Grow Food Not Lawns But Not In The Front Yard  Since I’ve learned so much especially about swales and guilds and birds and bees and flowers and butterflies in the backyard it’s time to turn […]

Free Mason Bees

Published on February 1, 2015 By Tony Teolis

   This video show the Blue Orchard Mason Bee Osmia Lignaria cocoons that are hibernating in my fridge. The camera then trail to the garage where I am building the new mason bee homes. I have homes and nesting reeds available for purchase. The bees are free and will be ready to work in the […]

Episode-256- Harvest Mason Bee Cocoons

Published on October 7, 2014 By Tony Teolis

Episode-247- Easy Way To Provide Water For Honeybees

Published on July 6, 2014 By Tony Teolis

             It is taking me time to catch up on all the things I have been recording around the home from the beginning of spring but I get to things eventually. Today’s video was taken in April before the spring was in full swing. I’m at the point now where […]

Episode-244- How To Inspect The Top Bar Hives

Published on June 19, 2014 By Tony Teolis

The video in today’s episode is a month old already but I get to things eventually. I am taking a less invasive approach to beekeeping this year. There has been too much to prepare in the gardens that I have not had to the time or energy to over manage the hoeny bees which I […]

Butterflies In the Bee Balm

Published on January 21, 2014 By Tony Teolis

The cold of January has me yearning for the heat of summer and all of the beautiful creatures that go along with it. In particular just when I thought the bee balm was dried  up and done for in August there was a second bloom and this one fed a large gathering of butterflies. I don’t […]

Honey Bees Gathering At The Chamomile

Published on October 24, 2013 By Tony Teolis

I was fortunate enough to catch these bees hard at work getting ready for a cold weather front to hit our area. All that’s left this year is the top bar hive which I have affectionately referred to as the thrive hive. However, things have been challenging for it lately but the battle with Varroa […]

Episode-217- Check In On The Top Bar Hive

Published on October 3, 2013 By Tony Teolis

The video for today’s episode presents the thrive hive which is the sole remaining bee colony on my property. This colony has remained strong from the time it was placed in the top bar hive in April 2013. It was doing so well that I took three top bars full of brood (bee larvae and […]