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Episode-263- Parsley Starts Now February 7, 2015

Tony Teolis/ February 8, 2015/ Gardens/ 0 comments It’s time to starting sowing the spring greens and that begins with parsley. Petroselinum crispum. What I have posted before about this lovely plant  has not changed. So here it is again. Episode-233- Get Started With Indoor Seed Starts – Parsley February 8, 2014        Today’s video depicts the start of the growing season for 2014. Although

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Episode-262- How To Harvest Oyster Mushroom Harvest From The Backyard

Tony Teolis/ February 4, 2015/ Gardens/ 0 comments

  Fried Oyster Mushroom Recipe   Print PDF

Edamame and Fried Oyster Mushrooms do do do dooo

Tony Teolis/ February 2, 2015/ Gardens/ 0 comments

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Free Mason Bees

Tony Teolis/ February 1, 2015/ Gardens/ 0 comments

   This video show the Blue Orchard Mason Bee Osmia Lignaria cocoons that are hibernating in my fridge. The camera then trail to the garage where I am building the new mason bee homes. I have homes and nesting reeds available for purchase. The bees are free and will be ready to work in the spring. They spend their days

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Episode-261 – What A Wonderful Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomato

Tony Teolis/ January 31, 2015/ Gardens/ 0 comments

This amazing tomato video is of just one plant! Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomato Seeds from Get some today. Support these folks on a Virginia farm. The Cherry Tomato plant Solanum lycopersicum is one of my most prolofic crops. The cherry tomatoes will produce from mid July through September and never fail in allowing at least one salad’s worth of

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Episode-260 – Lady Squash Bug Removal In Three Steps

Tony Teolis/ January 30, 2015/ Gardens/ 0 comments

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Episode-258 – From Microsystems to Macrosystems Permaculture Practice In Suburb

Tony Teolis/ January 25, 2015/ Gardens/ 0 comments

This one microsystem amongst the many that make up our food forest is representation of how to incorporate several permaculture principles into one functioning system. See how many principles are applied in just this one small system. Send answer via contact page. Permaculture Principles Print PDF

Episode-257- Harvest Hot Habanero And Store Them For Winter

Tony Teolis/ October 11, 2014/ Gardens/ 0 comments

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