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Artificial Intelligence to achieve your preferred future in life and business.

You want the best future possible and you now have AI Access to achieve it. You are someone who wants more than the status quo. You want more control of how things proceed in your life. You want a Return On Investment for the things you spent your hard earned money. You feel more like a consumer and it threatens your future. You have heard of Artificial Intelligence and know that it plays some role in the various apps on your phone. Did you know Artificial Intelligence can be used to help you achieve your preferred future?

I know what it’s like to be overwhelmed by technology and the potential it could bring. That’s why I endeavoured to be a part of the IT revolution in Japan in the late 1990’s. Doing so opened a world of opportunity to help others interconnect and trade commerce around the world. I continue to help people by introducing ways in which technology can aid their personal lives to help ensure the achievement of their preferred future.

I want to help you position yourself for success rather than be swept up in the tide of technology and overwhelmed by its burdens. You want to reach a preferred future but it will only be possible if you; Don’t have debt rise faster than income, Don’t have income rise faster than productivity, and Do All that you can to raise productivity. In the long run your productivity matters most and the tools available today allow you to put the data of you life to work for you.

Smart use of the smart technology available today allows for preferred future identification, planning and setting a course. There is a lot decision making going on in your life and you can have AI Access to the best tools that are guiding humanity forward. Your preferred future awaits you.

I look forward to helping you.

Tony Teolis
Creative – Japan Business Expert – Technologist – Leader

In Japan I created and implemented high value Information Technology business opportunities with the Japan Air Self Defense Force and multinational businesses operating in Japan and Asia. The organizations I serviced include NTT Communications, Micron Electronics, DataCraft Japan, and Kawamura International Communications.

I lead teams to the accomplishment of new technical projects in Japan and the United States. I served in the US Army, Developed business in Japan and managed operations for the US National Science Foundation.

@ I document my EBay business and provide lessons for that and growing your own food. I also provide information on preparedness, how to save money and fixing things around the home. I am an experienced home gardener and beekeeper. My backyard is a Food Forest that provides food, fauna and habitat for humans and pollinators. I created and related social media outlets to document the development of that project which began in 2011.


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