Gardening 2009 – Present

  • 2,000 square feet filled with perennial fruits and vegetables
  • Food Forest Design and Development
  • Storing harvests for future use

Honey Bees  2011 – Present

  • Five colonies of Russian honey bees
  • Top Bar and Langstroth hives
  • Mason Bees

Preparedness 1995 – Present

  • Eight years of living with hurricanes and earthquakes in Japan
  • Waking up after Hurricane Katrina and before the 2008 crash
  • Learning more all the time from Jack Spirko at



National Science Foundation
Administrative Coordinator
Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences


NTT Communications Japan 
International Accounts Manager


PTS Datacraft Japan 
Multinational Account Manager


Kawamura International Communications Japan 
Japan Air Force Communications Program Manager


United States Army 
Field Artillery


University of Pittsburgh 
Physics and Japanese


American Red Cross 
CPR Good Samaritan Award Pittsburgh Chapter

Tony Teolis
TonyTeolis at todolisthome dot com

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