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Episode-250- Food Forest In Full Swing Part 3/4

Published on July 20, 2014 By Tony Teolis

This third installment of the Food Forest in my bakyard show how the backyard extends to all around the house. Beginning on the south side I show the raspberries which produced about 18 pounds of fruit this season! Going to make wine now that the jam is stored. Of course the raspberries depicted in this […]

Episode-249- Food Forest And Permaculture Showcase Part 2/4

Published on July 11, 2014 By Tony Teolis

Here is part 2 of the food forest videos. This video shows how the swales that I built in the backyard have matured to the point where they now support hundreds of plants. That is no exageration and the goal is to have them eventually fill out with the fruti producing bsushes such as Juneberry, […]

Episode-248- Food Forest And Permaculture Showcase Part 1/4

Published on July 10, 2014 By Tony Teolis

I finally get a chance to share with you a view of the food forest I have envisioned growing. The backyard is a web of interconnected systems. It is not a forest yet as full production will take several more years. There are apple and peach tress that have to come online yet and the goji, […]

Episode-246- Plant Comfrey And Parsley Part 2

Published on July 4, 2014 By Tony Teolis

This is part 2 of the parsley and comfrey planting this year. The last video showed what the comfrey looked like out of the fridge where it was stored for a month. The gardens look bare and that’s because they are. Soon though things will be growing in all the mounds and swales. They will […]

Episode-245- Plant Comfrey And Parsley In The Backyard

Published on June 22, 2014 By Tony Teolis

This how the gardens get started this year. I begin with comfrey from Nantahala Farm & Garden in North Carolina  and the parsley were the first plants started from seed in February. The seeds came from SouthernExposre In Mineral, VA. I have had a great experience buying from them over the years. Today’s video shows how they […]


Published on June 14, 2014 By Tony Teolis

The dog and I were just outside this evening in the dark and its not just the ole sloping backyard instead it’s a sponge full of life. It has rained 6 of the first 12 days in June 2014 and for that we are grateful. Almost a full two inches in a time when it’s usually […]

Episode-241- Grow Radish In Three Easy Steps

Published on May 26, 2014 By Tony Teolis

Growing radish is an awesome return on investment plant that brings forth produce in a short amount of time. So short that it is the shortest of all the plants I grow. All it takes is for radish seeds to be planted i s good loose soil that’s watered, weeded and mulched. The Voila within […]


Published on May 10, 2014 By Tony Teolis

Wow! I have not posted ever since I wrote all those things in April I was going to do next. Well I did and I am and there’s more to do. So that’s what happens in May. There’s some cool vids of the new bees (mason and honey) being installed coming next. Apples, peach, strawberries, […]

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