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Episode-237- Hurry Up the Hot Peppers With Heat Mats

Published on April 12, 2014 By Tony Teolis

Resources Episode-105- Dehydrate Food For Savings, Storage And Use  Episode-210- What To Grow On A Quarter Acre Harvest The Habanero Hot Peppers

6 Easy Flowers To Grow At Home

Published on March 30, 2014 By Tony Teolis

Columbine – A perennial to grow for more frequency Lupine – A tall perennial that many pollinators favor Asters – A great annual flower for honey bees Marigold – A wonderful plant that is colorful, keeps squirrels and pest away and has a nice odor. Johnny Jump Ups – An annual/short lived perennial that is […]


Published on March 10, 2014 By Tony Teolis

The county I live in has eleven hundred thousand people. When I compare that to the less than hundred thousand county I came from with roughly the same size in area I think of vulnerability and what it means to live in such a populated area. It’s nothing like living in Japan but it is […]


Published on February 15, 2014 By Tony Teolis

There seems to be no end to cold weather and to top it off we got a foot of snow today. It’s not that it is so bad but it has been a long winter and the motivation to plan for spring is tested by weather that keeps me indoors. Yet parsley is being sprouted […]

Episode-233- Get Started With Indoor Seed Starts – Parsley

Published on February 8, 2014 By Tony Teolis

       Today’s video depicts the start of the growing season for 2014. Although it is still icy and cold outside and spring seems like a long forgotten friend warm weather is coming. Thus it is time to start with the first plant to sow indoors and that is Parsley. I love this plant […]

Episode-232- How To Pick The Best Blueberries Part 2

Published on February 3, 2014 By Tony Teolis

Here is part 2 of my blueberry harvest video from summer 2013. You can easily note how much I enjoy picking fresh blueberries from the garden. Get in on the fun and start making your own produce at home. NourseFarms.com in Massachusetts is ready for your order of blueberry plants, starwberries, elderberries, blackberries, raspberries and […]

Episode-230- Add More Mason Bees To The BackYard

Published on January 29, 2014 By Tony Teolis

I thought I knew about Mason Bees and how to cultivate and contribute to their growth in my front and back yards. But after three seasons with nominal success and little or no successive mason bee growth in future years it became time to ask why. Being winter these kinds of thoughts are helpful as […]

Episode-229- Blueberry Pie And Thoughts Of Summer Blooms

Published on January 26, 2014 By Tony Teolis

As this cold winter drags on I find myself looking back to last summer as I plan for what this summer will bring. In short I want more of everything and last summer although we harvested quite a lot blueberries we only made one pie. Our goal this year is three pies. As such our […]

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