4 Exercises To Build Great Arms The Larry Scott Giant Set #272

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The Larry Scott Giant Set

Featured in the video to Build Great Arms are: dumblell preacher curl, barbell preacher curl, reverse curl x5 full and 5 half, then preacher curl x 30. I learned of this routine from Cory Gregory’s Get Swole Program.

The result of different alarms going off is my resolve to lead my life much more purposefully. 50 and it’s time for new risks not coasting. It is time to Build Great Arms.

16 months ago I embarked on a journey to Build Great Arms and improve my physique. This required a renewed effort to understand health and well being. I have gained deeper appreciation of results achieved through sacrifice and hard work. After hundreds of hours in the Crucible the data tells me that I need renew my devotion to achieve the unknowable.

I was not in the best shape

Two years ago I thought I was in shape enough to the point that I signed up for tough mudder with a friend. I prepared well for that first tough mudder. It wasn’t long before participation or work with a pick axe made me realize I was not prepared. My mind was but not my body. So I lingered a couple of months in the regular routine until my son’s need for a home gym motivated me to become a member as well. A craigslist ad and $400 later we instituted the Crucible in the garage on October 13, 2015. It took about a month to get with a good program from BodyBuilding.com. Since then life has not been the same. More painful but more rewarding.

My severe shoulder injury healed itself after about 8 months of regular workouts the likes of which I had never completed and I’ve been lifting for 37 years! No surgery required for that but I did have a hernia repaired this past December. Some serious yin yang going on with that. I don’t advise this regime of work to anyone for many reasons. This workout routine is a mental and physical challenge that is not easy to recommend to you. I want to be able to go out on any given day and complete a tough mudder. Moreover, I wish to do so without causing harm to myself or others. Tough mudder is part of my retirement plan in that if I maintain my strength and agility then possibly I can live long enough to realize a pain disease free.

Why Should I workout?

I work out and train because I want to Build Great Arms and set an example as a physically fit, strong man. This will help with tough mudder, my farm chores, preparing for the future and being a role model.
My SMART fitness goals are to be strong and agile enough to complete all of the 2017 tough mudder obstacles including legionnaire. Links

Be a member of the 800# club before tough mudder. that is being able to lift a combined total of 800 pounds or more with a bench press, squat and deadlift exercise.

Hey Skinny! Yeh your ribs are showing.

I was a teenage when I wanted to Build Great Arms. I began with the old Muscle and Fitness magazines and remember seeing an ad once of a grey haired man. He was in great shape making a muscle. I don’t remember the caption but I thought it would be great to like him when I was 50. Now my goal is to have the most awesome 51 year old stack of muscles and six pack. I aim to reach this form in time for the Peach Music Festival. At least as best I can do with beer still in the diet.

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