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    Knowledge Management

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AWeber I love it!

Things To Do For A Better Life

Three Things To Do For A Better Life Now On Sale!

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Take control one day at a time through gratitude, health and food.


One foot planted in the soil and one foot stepping into the future.

This is Permaculture in action in Virginia.



Improve your life by learning how to do things necessary for better living. Keep track of things to do for a better life in order to control your future and share with your community. Scroll over the “ABOUT” menu or Click on a circle to see how we are making a better life.

The key to a better life is to gain knowledge and be healthy. It opens the door to providing the necessities of good living while relinquishing the need of a wage to provide necessities.

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Can you comment on getting a pond to hold water
The most cost effective method.


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